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User Roles & Permissions
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User roles determine the level of access or permissions granted within the Dashboard.


Once a user has been created, Admins have the ability to provide users access to the company dashboard by assigning their email addresses in the Company Settings section. Admins may also modify schedules, apps, and update company information. Light users have the ability to view and export leads lists. A user's role can be found directly below their name on the upper left side of the Dashboard above the side menu. 


User Roles and Permissions
Permission Admin Light
Create/Edit Users and Data    
Modify User Roles    
Export User Emails    
Export All User Data    
Toggle Between Companies X X
Activate/Deactivate Company    
Create/Edit Company Details X  
Upload Company Logo X  
Create/Edit Website Notification Banner X  
Add/Edit Notification Email Addresses X  
Assign/Remove Users to/from Company X  
Set Ownership/Property Management/Region Groups X


Create and Modify App Email Templates X  
Create Company Schedules X  
Schedule Time Off/Integrate Time Off Calendar X  
Create Remote Authorization Keys for Calendar X  
Enable Features/Apps    
Integrate Outlook/Google Calendar X  
Generate API Keys    
Create/Modify CRM/ILM Configuration X  
Upload Rent Rolls to MatchBack X  
Create Unique Company-Level Questions X  
View CLarity Reporting X  
Enable Proofing Mode    
Disabled Widget X  
Add Google Analytics ID X  
Modify App Order and Appearance X  
Edit App/Widget Color Theme X  
Edit Widget Position X  
Upload Widget Logo X  
Edit Pixel Position and add Custom Widget CSS X  
Create/Edit Apps X  
Activate/Deactivate Apps X  
View/Export Company SMS Text Messages X  
Reply to Company SMS Text Messages X  
View Leads Calendar X X
View Leads List X X
View Lead Details X X
Edit Customer Details X X
Edit Appointments X X
Export Leads X X




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